Cover for Contact Ostacles
Cover for Contact Ostacles

We have developed covers to protect the surfaces of your agility Contact Obstacles. The covers are made of our tunnel material. They are provided with eyelets for fixation and are available in all tunnel colors.
The covers are made to measure:
You tell us the surface dimensions of the devices (length and width) and we make the covers accordingly.

(On request, we also offer covers for THS Obstacles.)

The attachment of the covers is not included in the delivery.

Dog-Walk (one piece)
Dog-Walk (three pieces)
Cover for Contact Obstacles Price Shipping
A-Frame 129,00 EUR The prices quoted include 19% vat plus 12,- EUR postage within Germany
Dog-Walk (one piece) 109,00 EUR
Dog-Walk (three pieces) 129,00 EUR
Seesaw 49,00 EUR
(A-Frame, Dog-Walk one piece and Seesaw)
259,00 EUR The prices quoted include 19% vat plus 18,- EUR postage within Germany
(A-Frame, Dog-Walk three pieces and Seesaw)
279,00 EUR
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